Justice is an ideal, law is a tool of public conscience and justice can only be delivered when law upholds these ideals. We are enchanted to illuminate that Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust having a deep chronicle of eight decades in the field of Education, administering 22 Educational institutions recognized for ethics and value-based teaching.

RV Institute of Legal Studies has created an atmosphere for striving youngsters who want to pursue their education in Legal studies. The courses offered, B.A.LL.B and B.B.A LL.B Five Years Integrated Degree Courses makes students focus on studies relating to Law and Justice. Our institution has taken up the collective responsibility of shaping the student’s career, academics, and overall personality development which enhances the students to become better professionals at the Bar.

RV Institute of Legal Studies has got a vivid and dynamic team of faculty who believes that students learn more through practical teaching hence, more emphasis is given to the practicality of the subject, which strengthens the legal etiquettes and perspectives.

RV Institute Legal Studies is a student friendly campus where students enjoy a unique bond with the faculty and staff. Our institution is well equipped with a digital library and information center that is composed of books by national and international authors including law journals. Our students have participated in various National and International level Moot court, Conferences and debates. The guided participation has made the students win several titles in all these events.

The treasured assets of RV Institute of Legal Studies are its students who are career oriented and very rationalistic in their approach. With such students our institution has created an ocean of opportunity for learning.

With best wishes,

Prof. (Dr). Anjina Reddy   K R

Principal, RVILS