We give the students a multifaceted learning experience within the institution through several committees like:

Moot court committee

Moot Court means a replica of a real court where legal proceedings and trials take place and thus it is also known as a Mock Court where students who are studying law act as professional and take up all the responsibilities and duties according to their role to see their ability to think creatively and answer convincingly when questioned and show their oratory, writing and persuasive skills. Moot Court is a way a student is groomed as a proper lawyer. It is one of the modern methods of giving practical knowledge to the students by putting them in a hypothetical situation similar to that of a real court and then the two teams each on one side argue upon fictional cases and those questions of law with are debatable in reality and which have not been binded or are still the lawmakers are silent on some facts. Moot Court, now is one of the biggest and efficient sources from where people get the education and imbibe all the qualities and skill that a lawyer require.

Importance of Moot court to a law student

Mooting helps in the overall development of an individual as a good and proficient lawyer and participating in Moot Court Competition regularly makes a student familiar with the proceedings that take place generally in real courtrooms. In this process the students gain the following benefits:

  1. Enhancement in Analytical skills
  2. Improvement in legal research skills
  3. Learn and master legal writing skills
  4. Take their oratory skills to near conviction & perfection
  5. Moot boosts the students’ confidence
  6. Their thinking ability increases
  7. They learn to become a good team player
  8. They build a lot of contacts and professional network
  9. They gain a lot of valuable lifetime experiences
  10. Moot participation boost their CV
  11. The student gets on the spot feedback for their mistakes
  12. The student gets adapted to Time management, Discipline and presentation skills

About the Academy

Our Institute has a well-furnished and spacious Moot Court Hall. We also have a Moot Court Academy under which all the students are given training to participate in the Inter and Intra College Level, National and International Level Moot Court Competitions. Students are also taken to the District Courts & High Court to observe the regular proceedings which ensure their participatory learning.

Moot Court Exercises are designed by legal institutes to hone the advocacy skills in the students of law. Moot Courts are exercises geared up to endow students with facility in preparation of written submission and planning, organising and marshalling arguments in the given time so as to convince the presiding officer. RVILS Moot Court Academy was established on 18th June, 2021 with an objective of familiarising students with the various stages of trial in civil and criminal cases and exposes them to the real court experience.

Students pursuing 5 year B.A. LL.B./ B.B.A LL.B. Integrated Degree Course are trained through class moot court exercises in the 10th semester of their study. Besides, Students are constantly trained and given opportunities to participate in International, National, State level Moot Court Competitions hosted by various law colleges of repute from across the globe and Intra College Moot Court Competition. Students are also trained in Trial Advocacy, Client Counselling, Judgement Writing, Legislation Drafting, Model Youth Parliament etc.

Activities undertaken:

Inauguration and First Intra College Moot Court Competition: On 18th June, 2021 RVILS Moot Court Academy was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) C.S. Patil, Professor of Law & Head, Research Centre, Research in Democracy & Constitutional Government, KSLU, Hubballi and presided by CA Dr. Vishnu Bharat, Chairman, Governing Council, RVILS and Trustee, RSST. With an objective to afford students of RVILS an opportunity to learn the practical and theoretical aspects of law First Intra College Moot Court Competition was successfully organized by the academy in virtual mode on 18th & 19th June, 2021. The moot proposition was based on facets of constitutional law. The competition witnessed 12 Teams which was presided by 11 adjudicators from Bar and Academia.

The 1st All India Moot Court Competition, 2023, was organised by the Moot Court Academy of RV Institute of legal studies from 24th February to 26th February, 2023. The competition had a zealous participation from students of reputed legal institutions and law Universities. The final rounds of the competition was judged and the valedictory programme was graced by Honourable Dr. Justice Prabhakar Sastry, Honourable Mr Justice B. Natraj and Honourable Mr Justice CM Poonacha, the currently serving Judges of the High Court of Karnataka, Bengaluru.The valedictory was also graced by CA Dr, Vishnu Bharath, chairman, GC, RVIlS and Prof. Dr. Anjina Reddy K.R, Principal, RVILS.

2nd Intra College Moot Competition was organised by Moot Court Academy from 11 to 13th August, 2022, it revolved around the subject of Constitutional and Environmental Law. The competition saw a tremendous Participation of 27 Teams. The Final Round of the Competition was judged by eminent legal Luminary Smt. Anu Chengappa, Advocate, High Court of Karnataka and legal experts consisting of Prof (Dr.) Anjina Reddy K.R. Principal, RVILS and Mr. Arun S. Assistant Professor of Law, RVILS. The Preliminary, Quarter Finals and Semi Final Rounds were judged by the learned faculties of RVILS.

Ms. Navya T.N., VII semester B.A., LL.B. participated and won 2nd Place along with a cash prize of 10,000/- in Smt. Sarojammal Ramaswamy and Sri. T.M. Ramaswamy Iyengar Memorial Moot Court Competition, Organized by Lahari Law Academy, Bengaluru on 10/12/2022.

  • Students of RVILS emerged as winners of 34th YMCA Inter Collegiate Model Youth Parliament Competition, 2018 under Law College Category and also bagged following individual prizes:
    1. Best Opposition Party Leader – Chinmayee M, 1st Semester B.A., LL.B.
    2. Best Prime Minister – Bhanu Raj, 1st semester B.B.A., LL.B.
    3. Bets Parliamentarian – Darshana Suresh, 1st semester, B.B.A., LL.B.
    4. Best General Secretary – Saraswathi, B.A., LL.B.
  • Team RVILS secured Runners Up (Law College Category) and Chinmayee M. of 3rd semester B.A. LL.B. was awarded with Best Opposition Party Leader in the 35th YMCA Inter Collegiate Model Youth Parliament Competition, 2019.
  • Chinmayee M, Ravi Kumar N. and Puneeth Gowda V., students of 3rd semester B.A. LL.B. participated and won the Best Memorial Award in 3rd State Level Kannada Moot Court Competition, 2019 hosted at KLE Society’s Law College, Belagavi.
  • The RV Institute of Legal Studies, Bengaluru has emerged as the Grand Champions of Lex Ultima – 2021, First Virtual Law Fest organised by SDM Law College, Mangaluru from 20th August, 2021 to 22nd August, 2021. The students team comprised of Damodar Nayak, 4th semester B.B.A., LL.B., Darpan Raj Somayaji, 4th semester B.B.A.,LL.B. Aniruddh Ramesh , 2nd semester B.A., LL.B. and Moksha Reddy, 2nd semester B.B.A., LL.B. Out of 9 events our budding lawyers secured first prize in following competitions like Bail Petition, Public Interest Litigation, Legislation Drafting, Legal Research Paper Writing & Presentation and Second Prize in Judgement Writing, Runner Up in Moot Court with Best Memorial Award.
  • First Intra College Moot Court Competition was virtually organised by RVILS Moot Court Academy on 18th and 19th June 2021. The preposition was based on state’s liability to confer upon its citizens ‘The Right to Health and Timely Medical Assistance’ as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The students had to form a team of 3 consisting of 2 speakers and 1 Researcher. There were 4 rounds of oral arguments namely, Preliminary Rounds 1 and 2 Semi- Final and Final Round and a Researcher test. Out of 12 contesting teams following students turned out to be the winners of various prizes:

Out of 12 contesting teams following students turned out to be the winners of various prizes:

Sl no Description Team Code/ Individual Code Participants names Class
1 Best Memorial RV01 1. Mr. Mankala Surya Teja 6th Semester B.B.A., LL.B.
2. Ms. Aatmajaa 4th Semester B.B.A., LL.B
3. Ms. Varshika Sai Kanala 4th Semester B.B.A., LL.B
2 Best Researcher Place I RV01R Ms. Varshika Sai Kanala 4th Semester, B.B.A.,LL.B.
3 Best Researcher Place II RV06R Mr. Gagan M. 2nd semester, B.A., LL.B.
4 Best Speaker RV13S01 Ms. Navya T.N. 4th Semester, B.A., LL.B.
5 Runner Up RV04 1 Pratham. G. Moro 2nd semester B.B.A., LL.B
2 Aryan. A. Shetty 2nd semester B.B.A., LL.B
3 Ankith. P 2nd semester B.B.A., LL.B
6 Winner RV12 1 Damodar M Nayak 4th semester B.B.A., LL.B.
2 Ayushman Kumar B 4th semester B.B.A., LL.B.
3 Darpanraj Somayaji G. N. 4th semester B.B.A., LL.B.