We give the students a multifaceted learning experience within the institution through several committees like:

Human Rights Cell


Human rights cell came in to existence in our college during the academic year 2019-2020. The cell aims at creating awareness about human rights among the faculties, staffs and students. It also aims at personality development of individual and to lead a decent and dignified life without infringing the rights of others.


The vision of the cell is to have the focal point for Human Rights practice in the campus and to be accessible to everyone and also to visualize a comprehensive society where everyone takes responsibility to promote and preserve human rights.


  • Is to promote, preserve and implement human rights through effective institutional policy development, capability building and control of human rights violations.
  • By supporting each other in and out of the college campus through the awareness of Human Rights and protection of Human Rights by monitoring and accessing the observance of human rights through education and training the students on human rights issues.


  • To educate and create greater awareness of human rights.
  • To create sensitivity and enhance the knowledge of human rights among the people in and around the college by organising various awareness programmes.
  • To educate and train the students on Human Rights.
  • To provide accurate and timely information about Human Rights Violation in India.
  • To respond against the violation of human right issues reported in the college by raising the voice in a proper platform and thereby facilitate to ensure the protection of human rights.
  • To study and examine cases of human rights in and around the campus.
  • To work for ensuring that basic human rights are respected everywhere.


  • To foster a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and rights of each individual.
  • To prevent, report and discourage discrimination and harassment by others.
  • To uplift the universal responsibilities of human beings in the society such as ethnicity, nationality, religion or sex.

Programmes Organised:

From the date of establishment of the cell various programmes have been organised in our institution prominently

  • Lecture on Human Rights and Juvenile Justice by Dr. Jyoti Dogra Sood, Asst Prof ILI, New Delhi on 18 -11-2019.
  • Human Rights Day-2020 was celebrated by organising a National Level Webinar on Human Rights & State Responsibility by Shri Rupak Kumar Dutta, IPS., (Rtd. DG & IGP, Karnataka) Member Karnataka State Human Rights Commission on 10- 12-2020.
  • On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi a National Level Online Quiz was conducted on 02-10-2021.
  • Human Right Poster Making Contest conducted to celebrate International Human Rights Day-2021 on the theme “Equality: reducing inequalities, advancing Human rights” on 10-12-2021.