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Environment Club

About The Environment Club

The environmental club of RVILS was constituted to create awareness amongst the current generation and to make them be a part of bringing in change in the environment.


To protect and preserve the environment in and around the campus.

Objectives of the Club:

  • To create awareness on the issues of pollution, conservation of resources.
  • To promote sustainable living
  • To conduct activities such as; awareness spreading campaigns, educational trips.
  • To promote participation of students in learning about and improving their environment.

Activities undertaken:

On 18th June 2022 the celebration of Environment Day and inauguration of Environmentl Club was organised in the presence of Prof. Nagesh Hegde, Senior Journalist and Columnist, Bengaluru, who addressed us on the topic “Planet is in Peril: It needs Young Lawyers”. The gathering then proceeded towards the inauguration of the Environmental Club by watering of sapling by the dignitaries followed by presentation of potted plants by the students to the college.