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Debate Club

About The Debate Club

Oratory and written skills are the most important tools in the arsenal of lawyers and advocates. They can only be developed through regular and repeated practice. In addition to this, it is also crucial that we, as law students, keep abreast with current issues and developments within the country and abroad. Hence, it is necessary to provide them with an ideal platform to achieve these objectives. It would create a conducive environment for our budding lawyers to develop themselves through structured activities and healthy competition. Therefore, we propose for the institution and establishment of a debate and literary club in the RV Institute of Legal Studies to pave the way for fostering a community of students who strive to achieve excellence in critical thinking, research and communication.

Mission & Vision:

The overall mission and vision of establishing ARGUENDO RVILS DEBATE AND LITERARY SOCIETY is to:

  • Develop a strong culture of debate and discussion to foster inter-student communication through thoughtful discussion and exchange of ideas.
  • Enhance and refine skills of students by providing a platform to engage in various literary activities for this purpose.
  • Providing intellectual stimulation to students in order to encourage and allow them to utilise their full potential
  • Promote a more complex and deeper understanding of issues by considering perspectives of different students.
  • Increase civic awareness and education among students by getting them involved in the study of matters bearing public importance.


  • To increase student participation and involvement in institution activities and events.
  • To facilitate the development of communication and coordination among students.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to explore and showcase their talents.
  • To improve the English language and communication skills of students, both written and oral.
  • To develop a research-oriented mindset and creativity among students.
  • To identify and encourage student leaders for the purpose of entrusting to them various duties

Activities undertaken:

On 18th June 2022 the celebration of Environment Day and inauguration of Environmentl Club was organised in the presence of Prof. Nagesh Hegde, Senior Journalist and Columnist, Bengaluru, who addressed us on the topic “Planet is in Peril: It needs Young Lawyers”. The gathering then proceeded towards the inauguration of the Environmental Club by watering of sapling by the dignitaries followed by presentation of potted plants by the students to the college.